Evacuation An “Extraordinary Success”

By | September 6, 2021 | 0 Comments
1. To remove someone from a place, especially a place of danger.
2. To empty something, specifically the bowels, to defecate.

President Biden called the evacuation an “extraordinary success.” His supporters strained to find anything that remotely might be called successful. His opponents strained to find words to express their dismay and condemnation.

But perhaps they were both wrong. They assumed Biden was using the word “evacuation” in the first sense, and they could find nothing at all bearing even the slightest resemblance to any success whatever, much less extraordinary success. The way we exited Afghanistan was an unmitigated failure, if not a disaster approaching the level of Dunkirk.

On the other hand, what if Biden was using the word “evacuation” in the second sense. Older people often suffer from constipation, and as a result think about their bowels a great deal. Perhaps Biden had been eating more fiber. If he had none in his spine, at least he had some in his diet. Perhaps Biden was merely reporting an unusually successful elimination. Then all the criticism was misplaced.

True, our enemies are encouraged and our friends are discouraged. True, the Taliban are supplied with billions of military gear for their terrorist endeavors. True, our foreign policy is turning to crap. But at least our President took one.

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