Singer Refuses Vaccine, Fired From NFL Opening Day

By | September 8, 2021 | 0 Comments
Recording Artist Victory Boyd Refuses Vaccine for Religious Reasons, NFL Cancels Her National Anthem Opening Day Performance

Singing the National Anthem at an open-air stadium on opening day risks spreading Covid because – oh wait, it doesn’t. Even if singer-songwriter Victory Boyd tested positive for the virus, even if she had active disease, there would be no risk.

But she doesn’t test positive. She just doesn’t want the vaccine. She has religious objections, so she must be religious. That means she believes in an Authority above the government, and there can be nothing above the government.

Remove the Almighty, and we risk coming under the domination of the almighty state. And yes, I debated putting that in capital letters, the way we do with other pagan gods. You know Thor from recent films, but there are also Moloch, who demanded child sacrifice, and Beelzebub, a Philistine god sometimes equated with the Devil.

So of course Victory Boyd must not be allowed to sing. She is a nonconformist, an individualist, in short an old-fashioned American. She is simply not representative of the new American, obedient, frightened, a subject not a citizen. Worst of all, her name is Victory, a word with which we are no longer familiar. By all means, get rid of her before people start to think for themselves. No telling where that might lead.

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