“Are You People Trying To Start A Full-On revolt?”

By | September 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

• Crenshaw Hammers Biden Over Vaccine Threat: ‘Are You People Trying To Start A Full-On Revolt?’

Years ago I  believed that everyone was trying to make things better, but we differed on how to do it. Capitalism, socialism, whatever – we simply disagreed on what would be the ideal system. But now I wonder whether I was wrong, even naïve.

I recall that guru of politics and economics, Michael Moore, was emoting on how Castro’s socialism was superior our system. But when a reporter pointed out serious problems in Cuba and asked what system we should adopt, Moore replied, “That system doesn’t exist yet.” And when I pointed out the failures of communism, a leftist colleague parroted, “True communism hasn’t been tried.” That this isn’t true didn’t bother him in the least.

Both Moore and my colleague demonstrate this destructive notion: There is no economic or political role model to emulate, so we’ll just tear everything down and start from scratch. In short, demolish our home first, then think about designing a new one. Hire the demolition contractor immediately, then think about hiring an architect later.

But where do we live in the interval? In fact, do we live?

I believe Dan Crenshaw put his finger on something real. I believe there is a destructive, even self-destructive, impulse in progressives. I believe many of them really don’t care if their oppressive, fear-inspiring, freedom-hating programs ultimately provoke resistance – first in court, then in the streets. I believe many of them, consciously or subconsciously, look forward to a civil war. What better way to speed the demolition of our nation?

I was taught to shoot a .22 rifle in the ROTC rifle range at George Washington High School in San Francisco. My teacher was Master Sergeant Lee, who wore combat decorations including the Purple Heart. Even the rowdiest boys shut up when he came into the classroom. We knew to whom we owed our freedom. I’m sure he’s no longer with us, but I wouldn’t want to disappoint him. I wouldn’t want to stand by idly while the nation he shed his blood for was demolished.

No, Master Sergeant Lee wouldn’t like that at all.

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