Confront Larry Elder In Ape Mask? Racism? What Racism?

By | September 12, 2021 | 0 Comments

Leading candidate to unseat Democrat CA Governor Newsom, Larry Elder, attacked by White protester in ape mask who threw egg. Elder’s backers where shot with pellet gun, and punched in head twice. Despite the fact that Elder is Black, the LA Times opines that there is no evidence the person in the ape mask was motivated by hate.

Okay, so if not racial hatred, what did motivate the person in the ape mask?
1. She is tired of Covid masks and wants an innovative one.
2. She identifies as an ape and plans to have the surgery soon.
3. She believes it will find favor with Dr. Fauci, on whom she has a crush.
4. She enjoys Halloween and believes in preparing early.

The Times does not venture to guess which of these may have motivated the ape-mask wearer. But the editors continue to search for evidence of her motive, which just couldn’t have been racism. Yes, and O.J. Simpson is still looking for the real killer of his ex-wife and her friend. And Bernie Madoff is still looking for the money he stole. And White House staffers are still looking for who is in charge.

And we’re still looking for real journalists. Seems like none of our searches is likely to succeed.


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