America: Going Downhill Fast

By | September 18, 2021 | 0 Comments

Four adjacent headlines tell us all we need to know:

In high-school geometry I learned, “Through two points a line may be drawn.” But four points are even better. They give a definite indication of which way the line is going. This line is going downhill fast. The problem is that it’s our line, the American line.

How far down it can go before the decline becomes irreversible? That is hard to predict, but will become obvious only in retrospect. Then it will be too late. The time to reverse the decline is before that happens. Will we? Or will we stand by idly, using our precious time to argue about whether masks are required (in the immortal words of AOC) to protect those who are vaccinated? Will we argue about the irrational and ignore the irreparable?

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