What Are They Trying To Do?

By | September 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

Murphy’s Law of Success: Before you can decide whether someone is succeeding or failing, you first have to figure out what he is trying to do.

• Our southern border is dissolved. Tens of thousands of immigrants illegally come across. No one can say who they are, where they come from, or what diseases they carry. Covid, tuberculosis, measles, malaria?
• These immigrants are spread throughout the nation, mainly to red states, by bus or plane, without asking residents of those places.
• Cities, mainly in blue states, are overrun by homeless living and defecating on streets, as well as rising violent crime rates.
• Taxes and fees, mainly in blue states, rise to levels affecting the middle class.
• Affordable housing, mainly in blue states, is in short supply, due to rent controls, high property taxes, and smothering environmental regulations.
• Lockdown, masking, and vaccine mandates further strangle economic and social activity.
• The word “trillion” now describes federal spending rather than astronomy, resulting in inflation, which robs everyone’s savings.

So is all this accidental? Is it unforeseen side-effects of well-intentioned policies? Is it failure? Or is it deliberate? Is it what the left wants to happen? Is it success? Depends on your point of view.


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