CDC Director: Guns Are Next “Public Health Threat?

By | September 30, 2021 | 0 Comments

• Report: CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky tells CNN it’s ‘pedal to the metal time’ to study gun violence as a public health threat.

• Murphy’s Law of Power: Those in power rarely give it up voluntarily. Instead they seek ever-increasing power.

• Murphy’s Law of White Coats: A white coat can conceal nearly anything – a tyrant’s uniform, a thug’s blackjack, a fanatic’s playbook.

We saw it coming, but still, it’s frightening and depressing when it actually comes. Covid-19, the selective lockdowns, the vacillating orders on masks, the fluctuating descriptions of vaccines, the whole thing – it just whet the appetite for power of the ruling elite.

So now, just as the pandemic restrictions are easing slightly, just when we hoped we could return to at least a semblance of normal if we obeyed and got the vaccine, now the next “public health threat” looms on the horizon.

Having already shredded the Constitution with bans on assembly, travel, worship, and other activities of daily life, they now turn on the Second Amendment. If I can’t assemble to petition the government, if I can’t enter a house of worship, if I can’t speak freely about masks or vaccines, why would I be the least bit surprised when my right to defend myself and my family is next on the chopping block?

And then, of course, comes the next “public health threat” – climate change. That will justify no end of severe restrictions of our diminishing liberty. Drive a car? Use public transit. Use air conditioning? Save power. Take a hot shower? Save power and water. Eat meat? Go vegetarian. Own a home? Live in a small apartment. Complain? Save the planet.

Captain Smith meant well, but he ordered the Titanic to go full speed on a moonless night despite iceberg warnings. His good intentions were no help at all to the 1500 drowned passengers and crew, including himself. I would like to use this analogy for our trajectory toward totalitarianism. But I’m not sure about the good intentions of the ruling elite. Not at all sure.

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