Lying Liars Lie – Is That Our Fault?

By | October 1, 2021 | 0 Comments

The Bible, as well as standard instructions to jurors, tell us that if someone is untruthful about one thing, we are entitled to believe he is untruthful about other things. Indeed, this is common sense.

• Covid didn’t come from Wuhan lab. Masks are not effective. Travel ban from China is not helpful. No problem with large gatherings.

• Covid may have come from Wuhan lab. Masks are essential – wear two. Travel bans and lockdowns are mandatory. Large gatherings are prohibited – so are small ones.

Do you suppose, just possibly, if Dr. Fauci and other health gurus and government officials had been truthful with us from the start, we would be more willing to believe them now about vaccines? Do you imagine, just conceivably, that repeated misstatements may have undermined their credibility?

And whose fault is that? Ours, for being “anti-science” and “flat-earthers”? Or theirs, for being strangers to the truth?

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