Hold People Down And Vaccinate Them? Not In My Country

By | October 3, 2021 | 0 Comments


LATimes publishes an op-ed declaring that vaccine mandates are good, but physically restraining people and forcibly injecting them – as is being done in China – is going too far. That is, losing your job is okay, but being held down by police or soldiers is just rude.

Not satisfied, the editors then published five letters, all of which either condoned forcible vaccination or actually approved it.

Granted, the paper publishes letters supporting its positions almost exclusively. But five newspaper readers, presumably better educated, agree with the some of the most totalitarian actions a government can take.

These people may be citizens. They may have been born here. Their great-grandparents may have been born here. They are native speakers of English. They may own businesses or practice professions. But are they Americans?

Do they have any conception of what a constitutional republic is? Do they have any notion of what delegated powers are – that the federal government has only the powers that the Constitution enumerates? Do they have any idea that even a psychiatric patient on a 72-hour hold can only be given sedatives to calm him, but no other medications without his consent?

No, I don’t believe such people are Americans. They live in the geographic area, but possess not a shred of the spirit that is America. Freedom? A pleasant word. But safety? Oh yes, the government can do anything in the name of safety, which in fact is the most dangerous thing imaginable.

Hitler? Stalin? Mao? They all claimed to be acting for the safety of “the people.” No, not individual human beings, who had to fend for themselves. But “the people” were safe, when “the people” equaled the ruling elite.

Can such totalitarians be changed into Americans? I doubt it. And what about their children? With sheep-like parents like that, and schools that teach leftist big-government ideas, what hope is there for the kids?

I fear that physical separation may become necessary. Quite frankly, I don’t want anything to do with people who favor holding citizens down and forcibly injecting them with medicine they do not want and may not need. Such people frighten me.


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