Totalitarians In America? They’re Heeeere!

By | October 4, 2021 | 0 Comments

• Letter writers to LATimes admire China’s use of forcible vaccinations.
• National School Boards Association wants President Biden to use Patriot Act to prosecute parents who protest mask mandates or teaching of racist Critical Race Theory.

There are people who approve forcibly holding down citizens and giving them medicine they do not want and may not need. They do not see citizens of a constitutional republic. They see only subjects of an all-powerful state.

There are people who approve arresting parents who come to school board meetings to protest what is being taught their children. They do not see parents concerned about what is being poured into their children’s impressionable minds. They see “domestic terrorists” who dare to question what the Central Committee has decreed.

These people may have been born in America. Their great-grandparents may have been born here. They are native speakers of English. They may root for their favorite sports team, although it probably plays soccer. They may run a business or practice a profession.

But are they Americans?  To paraphrase Harry Truman, they don’t know any more about a constitutional republic than a pig knows about Sunday. They want to use force, even military force, on anyone who disagrees with their totalitarian agenda.

These people frighten me. I don’t want them anywhere near me or my family. I can’t see how people like that can coexist peacefully with people like me who believe in individual rights as outlined in the Constitution. How can there be a compromise between two diametrically opposite world views?

Either we get our act together  RIGHT NOW and find a way to get along together, or we separate physically. This may already be happening. It is said that most people moving from blue states to red states are conservatives fed up with high taxes, crime, and homelessness. If true, this means that blue states are getting bluer and red states redder.

I love America. The world depends on America. But to remain America, it needs to be peopled by Americans. Somehow we forgot that.


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