75-Year-Old Veteran Denied Invermectin, Dies

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75-year-old Vietnam vet develops Covid despite being vaccinated. No treatment at home. Taken to hospital, treated with Remdesivir and steroids, but condition worsens. Family asks for ivermectin, which has been shown in multiple studies to reduce mortality rate. Hospital refuses. Family get court order to administer ivermectin. Hospital still refuses. Patient dies


This story is depressing and infuriating, but not surprising. The medical establishment from Dr. Fauci on down (or up, depending on your point of view) has been abnormally resistant to medications while focusing on vaccines. There has been no emphasis whatever on home treatment in an effort to prevent hospitalization.

What excuse can the hospital give for refusing to try an established medicine with minimal toxicity? “We were only following orders.” Or in its original form, “Befehl ist Befehl.” The FDA hasn’t approved ivermectin for Covid, though it has been approved for other uses for decades. In fact, its discoverer was awarded the Nobel Prize. Physicians prescribe medicines for off-label uses countless times. Why not this time?

Question: Of all professions in Germany, which had the highest percent of Nazi Party members? 1) Army officers. 2) Lawyers. 3) Engineers. 4) Physicians. Answer: 4.

Physicians were active participants in the Nazi program of euthanizing the mentally and physically handicapped. They never actively opposed euthanasia, but the churches did. They provided physicians for concentration camps. Prominent among them was Josef Mengele, who had both an MD and a PhD. He selected inmates for the gas chambers and performed experiments on unanesthetized prisoners.

If you are looking for moral leadership, look elsewhere than the medical profession. And if you are looking for individualists who resist group-think, look elsewhere than people who spent many years training in a hierarchy that punished outliers.

So we come back to the 75-year-old Vietnam vet who was denied a chance at life to please bureaucrats who haven’t treated a patient in decades, if ever. The man’s name was Jeremy Carter. Remember him.


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