Accusation: School Officials Conceal Sexual Assault Of Minor

By | October 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

From Daily Wire:
Reacting to the viral story published in The Daily Wire on Monday about a Loudoun County, Virginia, father who charged that a boy, allegedly wearing a skirt, sexually assaulted [raped] the father’s ninth-grade daughter in a bathroom, Rep. Dan Crenshaw fired, “Do you get it now? Keep men out of women’s bathrooms. I can’t believe this story. It’s heartbreaking. Parents: don’t stop. Keep up the fight.”

Reportedly the school covered up this and another sexual assault, even denying they occurred. If the assaults were by two different students, school officials are guilty of concealing two felonies, which is itself a felony. This is in addition to mandated reporters (teachers, school nurses, psychologists, etc.) failing to report abuse of a minor. Such negligence can result in loss of a professional license.

But if the two assaults were by the same student, it’s even worse. If by concealing the first offense the school officials allowed the second offense to occur, they could be charged with abetting a felony. That’s serious prison time.

Note to so-called progressives: You can hold all the unrealistic notions you want. You can propose all the bizarre theories you like. But when you endanger the physical and psychological safety of minors, you have left the realm of theory and entered the realm of reality. That can be a really rough place, with which you are unfamiliar and ill-equipped to handle.

We can tolerate only so many female MMA fighters sent to the hospital, only so many female students assaulted in schools, only so many little girls frightened by bearded people in women’s restrooms. You may be approaching that limit.

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