Police Work: Not A Low-Stress Occupation

By | October 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

Watch this video of an LAPD supervisor driving Code 3 (lights and siren) to assist another officer pursuing a reckless driver. The ride-along is exciting and demonstrates skillful driving. But my point is the radio voice of the officer pursuing the reckless driver. Note his rapid speech. Note his voice going up an octave. Consider the stress of a high-speed pursuit, with zoned-out, inattentive drivers blundering into his path.

Consider the uncertainty of why the driver is fleeing. Is he drunk, on drugs, or on parole and fears going back to prison? Or is he attempting to escape from a violent felony, perhaps armed robbery or murder? Is he willing to shoot his way out? Now put yourself in the place of the officer in pursuit. He must make split-second decisions that will be second-guessed at leisure by high-ranking officers who have driven nothing but a desk for years, perhaps decades.

You want that job? No? Then cut the guys who are doing that essential job a bit of slack.

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