Family Eats Burgers And Hot Dogs, Boy Munches Salad Alone

By | October 31, 2021 | 0 Comments

Family and friends gathered for a July 4 barbecue. As they enjoyed burgers and hot dogs, a young teen sat with a sad, almost disgusted expression, nibbling a vegetable salad. His school showed  the class a PETA video of a slaughterhouse. This scene probably will be repeated on Thanksgiving.

But what else are they teaching him? That adults, including his parents, are destroying the environment? That capitalism is destroying the Earth? That White people like himself and his family are irredeemable racists? That all life will be extinct in 10/20/50 years, unless we install an all-powerful government to control every aspect of our lives? That believers in the Judeo-Christian tradition are superstitious fools, but believers in Nature (note capital N) are wise and scientific, and believers in Marxism are enlightened and progressive? That everything Dr. Fauci says is a proven scientific fact, even when he contradicts himself? That America is a force for oppression and racism in the world? That his past is shameful and his future doubtful? What an uplifting, inspiring message!

There the boy sat, munching his tasteless salad, alienated from family and friends, whom he has been indoctrinated to see as ignorant at best, and evil at worst. And for this, his parents are straining to pay a bloated tuition. Where else can you get a deal like that?

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