ACLU, ADL Have Forsaken Their Missions

By | November 3, 2021 | 0 Comments

The American Civil Liberties Union used to be what its name says, a civil rights defender. It always had a left-leaning tendency, but it tried to be impartial – for example, when it defended the right of Nazis to demonstrate. Likewise, the Anti-Defamation League used to be what it’s name says, a defender of Jews against anti-Semitism. It too had a left-leaning tendency, but it also tried to be impartial. We need both kinds of organizations. But no more. Both have relapsed into pure leftism.

Defendants in the July 6 Capitol incursion rot in prison for months without bail and without the speedy trials the Constitution promises. Pretrial detention, often in solitary confinement? Reminiscent of the KGB’s dungeons? The ACLU maintains a stony silence. After all, these people were Trumpists, unworthy of any defense.

Tucker Carlson releases a documentary on the July 6 affair. But before it was released, without seeing it, the ADL demands that Fox News cancel it. Pre-publication censorship, a Constitutional no-no? Involve themselves in something that has no relation to anti-Semitism but everything to do with conservatism? The ADL speaks out loudly. These people were Trumpists, unworthy to be allowed to speak.

America needs defenders of civil rights against would-be tyrants, and defenders of minorities against discrimination. It’s too bad we no longer have them.

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