Has The Left Overplayed Its Hand?

By | November 3, 2021 | 0 Comments

Has the Left overplayed its hand? Not in the Left’s opinion. True believers never think they can overplay their hand. As Prime Minister Ardern of New Zealand was frank to admit, the leftist government is the only source of truth. That she believes this is bad enough. That she announces it as official policy is much worse. She places the government, and thus herself, in the role of the medieval church: the only infallible source of truth. That this arrogant assertion did not evoke laughter, as well as removal from office, is a source of shame for all Kiwis.

To a committed leftist, there can never be too much leftism. But what about non-leftists, that is, people who still are capable of reason? How do they view what leftists are doing?

• Critical Race Theory in schools. Indoctrinating kids to see themselves and others not as individuals with unique abilities, but merely as representatives of racial and ethnic groups. Splitting people rather then uniting them. Teaching them that the outer few millimeters of skin are all-important, while all the rest of a human being can be ignored. That is, the exact opposite of what religion teaches, and what our Founders intended.

• Drag Queen Story Hour in primary schools. Exposing young children to explicitly sexual themes, including transgenderism and visits to gay bars. This goes beyond indoctrination and reaches the level of grooming.

• On Flag Day, having students march not with American flags, the holiday’s purpose, but with the flags of the nations their ancestors left. Of course, their ancestors left to escape religious or ethnic persecution, as well as hereditary poverty and rampant corruption, not to mention drug cartels. But never mind, the flags are colorful.

• On Cinco de Mayo, have students march with Mexican flags, but send home boys who wore American flag tee shirts because it would “cause trouble.” If American flags cause trouble in an American school, perhaps the troublemakers should be disciplined, not the flag wearers. Or is that concept just to complex for leftists to grasp?

• Professional athletes kneel or otherwise disrespect our flag and national anthem. But they are honored rather than fired. And when viewership falls dramatically, owners and league officials are too cowardly to act.

• Workers in government or private jobs are spied on, reported, and disciplined for what they say or text on their own time. Being positive about Trump or dubious about vaccines is especially dangerous.

• Officials declare that White supremacy is the chief national security threat, though few of us have ever seen or heard an actual White supremacist. But is voting for Trump a symptom of White supremacy? Or is insisting that parents have a right to oversee their children’s education? A liberal talking head said so.

• Months of bloody, costly riots wrack major cities with little effort to stop or punish the rioters. But a 3 or 4 hour riot in the Capitol causes hundreds to be imprisoned without trial for many months, while civil rights gurus remain silent.

• Street crime, illegal immigration, and serious inflation make ordinary people’s lives more difficult, and sometimes more dangerous, while the self-anointed elite remain utterly indifferent.

• President Biden gifts the Taliban with mountains of weapons, while he seeks to disarm Americans.

Yes, I believe leftists have badly overplayed their hand, as the election of Republican  Glenn Youngkin as Governor of Virginia clearly shows. It is up to us to keep the momentum going.

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