Do More Of What Isn’t Working? What A Brilliant Plan!

By | November 5, 2021 | 0 Comments

Ocasio-Cortez: Democrats Lost Virginia Because They Were Not Far-Left Enough.

In 1799 George Washington went riding in the rain and fell ill. He may have had pneumonia, which was often fatal before antibiotics. Or he may have had an abscess in his throat, which could have been treated with a simple incision.

Physicians were summoned and bled him, but his condition worsened. Did they conclude that bleeding was harmful and try another treatment? Did they at least conclude that bleeding was ineffective and stop it? No, the doctors concluded that they had not bled him enough, so they bled him repeatedly, taking perhaps three pints, until he died. He was 67.

Bleeding persisted for centuries, though the Bible and common sense tell us blood is essential for life. Once we accept something as “good,” we keep doing it. Even if it isn’t working, we assume we just haven’t done enough and do more.

General Washington is getting weaker? Bleed him again. The economy is getting weaker? Push more socialist schemes. Working people can barely afford to get to work or feed their families? Cause fuel prices to rise even higher. The supply chain is breaking down? Saddle truckers with even more regulations. The word “trillions” now applies not just to astronomy but to economics, because the federal budget deficit is astronomical? Spend even more. It isn’t working? Do more of it.

If AOC and her leftist colleagues have so little connection to reality that they want to go even further left and become even more unpopular, follow Napoleon’s advice: Don’t interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake. But whatever you do, don’t follow their bad example and do more of what isn’t working. It’s a sure recipe for disaster.

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