Prediction: Rittenhouse Jury Pretends To Be Unable To Reach Verdict

By | November 18, 2021 | 0 Comments

Kenosha fears renewed rioting, arson if Rittenhouse not convicted of most serious charges. Jury fears being identified, families attacked, businesses boycotted, lives ruined. Judge unfairly, irrationally condemned as Trumpist or even White supremacist because his ringtone is “God Bless the USA.” Possibility of fair trial: Are you serious?

My prediction: Jury will pretend to deliberate for days, claim to be unable to reach unanimous verdict. Judge will have to declare mistrial. Judge will be blamed, jury will hopefully be spared. Another step in dismantling our justice system. If you are ever arrested and brought to trial, I wish you good luck. With dishonest prosecutors and threats against the jury, you’ll need it.

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