Fauci: My Critics Are “Killing People”

By | November 26, 2021 | 0 Comments

Fauci: Tucker Carlson, Peter Navarro ‘killing people’ with COVID ‘lies’

Oh wait, who’s talking here? The same Dr. Fauci who took “gain-of function” virus research that was banned in the US, but funded it in China, a potential enemy? The Dr. Fauci who funded research to make Corona viruses more easily spread, research that may be banned by 1972 Biological Warfare Convention? The Dr. Fauci who told us that Covid was not spread person-to-person and masks were not useful? The Dr. Fauci who opposed the travel ban to and from China? The Dr. Fauci who contradicted himself so often that the credibility of not only himself but also of all government scientists was reduced to near zero? The Dr. Fauci who claims criticism of him equals criticism of science, thus equating science with himself? The Dr Fauci who wants to silence criticism, when the essence of science is criticism and argument? The Dr. Fauci who takes as his role model not Galileo but the Inquisition that silenced Galileo?

Yes, that Dr. Fauci. As they say back where I come from, “Will you look at who’s talking!”

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