Health Above All = Goodbye Rights

By | December 5, 2021 | 0 Comments

• Germany Announces Lockdown of Unvaccinated Citizens; Mandatory Injections Possible Early Next Year
• Austria police check people on street for vaccine papers; unvaxxed must be locked down
• Oregon proposes perpetual masking
• Omicron in many countries; no deaths reported

The first three news items portend a new world, where health becomes an excuse for totalitarianism. The fourth item undermines the legitimacy of the first three. So I predict that it will disappear, or at best appear on an inner page of the paper, assuming anyone still reads the paper.

Health Above All. Gesundheit über Alles. To quote Mark Steyn: They put all our rights in a rights museum, and they charged a dollar and a half just to see ’em.

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