Fauci: Deal With Possibility Of More Boosters

By | December 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

Dr. Fauci: Americans will just have to deal with possibility of being required to get more boosters. How many more? He didn’t say.

No, Doctor, that’s not how it works here. The people tell their leaders what they intend to deal with, and what they DON’T intend to deal with, and their leaders tryt to put that into effect. Only tyrannical governments tell the people what they will have to deal with.

Do we want to be like Austria, where police stop people on the street and demand to see vaccination cards. Papieren bitte! Do we want to be like Germany, where it is proposed that vaccination status be indicated by armbands? Oh wait, the US Army is already using wristbands. Do we want to be like Australia, where even members of parliament are put into detention camps – even if they test virus-negative?

Or do we want to be like America? You remember, that free nation where we used to live?


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