“Prescription” Drug Crisis? Not So Fast

By | December 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

Media and government spokespersons (if there is any difference) frighten us with statistics of opioid overdose deaths from “prescription drugs.” But which ones? Fentanyl is a prescription drug used mainly for cancer patients. But by far, deaths from fentanyl and its relatives are from illegal heroin cut with fentanyl, or from counterfeit tablets adulterated with fentanyl.

It is dishonest to say these deaths are from “prescription drugs,” when in fact they are from drug abusers using heroin or tablets adulterated with fentanyl or its relatives. It is worse than dishonest, it is cruel, to restrict physicians from prescribing legitimate pain medication to patients with real pain.

It is also cowardly. Bully doctors and patients, but go easy on drug dealers and cartels – they can cause you real trouble. Say nothing about politicians who open our borders to a flood of illegal drugs including fentanyl and its relatives. Could some of these politicians be profiting financially from opening the borders? Quiet! Don’t suggest that even indirectly. We’re talking about amounts of cash so huge that transporting and storing it causes problems.

Bully the doctors, let the patients suffer, but leave the cartels alone. Now there’s an agenda to make your mother proud!


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