Rob The Poorer Areas, Not Our Part Of Town

By | December 18, 2021 | 1 Comments

“So long as crime remained in San Francisco’s low-income, historically black Tenderloin neighborhood, it was acceptable to San Fran’s far-left ruling elites, but when it erupted in the high-end stores the elites frequent, “the reign of criminals” had “to end.”  The reaction to the looting of Louis Vuitton on Union Square reveals San Fran’s liberal elites are “Fair Weather Marxists” and hypocrites.” – Jonathan Emord

Loot, carjack, rob, assault people in the low-rent parts of San Francisco – you know, where seedy hotels advertise weekly and monthly rates? That’s “equity.” That’s “the voice of the unheard.” But do the same in upscale areas? Loot Louis Vuitton and Nordstrom’s? Carjack BMWs and Benzes? Assault lawyers and corporate executives? Oh no, that’s the “reign of criminals that has to end.”

No question where these “progressives” loyalties lie: with themselves. How hard is that, being loyal to yourself? Not very admirable, though. Hardly role models for young people. Voting Democrat isn’t quite enough to make you a righteous person. Mouthing leftist mantras won’t suffice, either. You actually have to DO something useful to others. Who knew?

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