Moving The Goalposts…Again

By | January 7, 2022 | 0 Comments

When I got my first dose of vaccine last year, they gave me a vaccine card with four blanks. When I got the second dose, the top two blanks were filled in, and I wondered why there were still two empty blanks.

But now “fully vaccinated” will soon mean “two shots and a booster.” That still would leave an empty blank on my card. And Israel will require a second booster. What would you bet that America will follow their example. The mystery of the four blanks has now been solved.

To top things off, Dr. Fauci suggests that “fully vaccinated” will be replaced by “up to date,” leaving the whole thing open ended. Perhaps a new vaccine card will be issued, as long as a drug store receipt. Then any number of boosters can be recorded, even a shot every six months. And why not? Unless people stand up and yell “Stop!” really loudly, those in power will never stop. Power is as addicting as heroin, and even harder to give up.

Granted, as science advances and new information becomes available, recommendations may change. But if this is the case, why were there four blanks when the cards were first issued? Were the designers of the cards prophets who could foresee the future? Or were they practical people who were planning the future?

All this is food for thought. I hope it doesn’t give you heartburn.

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