Got Off At Wrong Stop, Looking For America

By | January 16, 2022 | 0 Comments

“My Pillow” Mike Lindell says his business and charity accounts are being dumped by bank. His social media accounts were already banned.
MSNBC contributor: Republican Party is front for ‘terrorist movement’
Medical Board sends physician for psych exam because he questions, vaccine, masks, advocates medications.
Parents called “domestic terrorists” for protesting at school board, but Antifa rioters are not called anything.
Dan Bongino banned from social media for questioning the efficacy of masks.
Army announces training to counter “civil disturbances.”

Oh wait, I must have gotten off at the wrong stop. I thought this was America. Instead it looks like some banana republic, with an incompetent administration at the helm, and petty bureaucrats who are trying their best to emulate Stalin’s Soviet Union with their totalitarian agenda.

Banks decide not to handle accounts from those with “wrong” beliefs. Commentators describe political opponents as “terrorists.” Physician sent for psych exam for questioning official narrative. Parents arrested for questioning school board. Popular commentator banned for questioning masks. Army trains to combat not foreign enemies sworn to destroy us, but…whom? Yet we submit meekly with barely a complaint. And if we do complain, social media censor it.

Can you tell me how to get back to America? I’m really getting homesick.

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