FBI: Texas Synagogue Attack On Sabbath Had Nothing To Do With Jewish Community

By | January 16, 2022 | 0 Comments

Soviet dissidents pointed out that when Stalin or his successors made an unbelievable declaration, of course the regime hoped people would believe it. They had sold their minds. But if people knew it was baloney, yet still parroted it out of fear, so much the better. They had sold their souls. What more could a totalitarian ask?

We aren’t there yet, but we’re getting close. A Muslim attacks a Texas synagogue during Sabbath services and takes the rabbi hostage. He rants for hours that he wants a prominent anti-Semitic terrorist to be released. But the FBI asserts this has nothing to do with the Jewish community. Then what has it to do with? Please tell us. We can’t wait to be served yet another large slice of baloney. In this case, we can only hope it is kosher baloney.

When the leading US law-enforcement agency makes patently absurd statements, it is saying: “We don’t really care whether you believe us or not. All we care about is that we have the power to force you to pretend to believe us and shut up.”

When Major Hassan killed 14 at Fort Hood, yelling “Allahu akbar,” Chris Matthews speculated that a toothache made him snap. We laughed that that. We’re no longer laughing.


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