Biden Uses Profanity Replying To Question About Inflation

By | January 24, 2022 | 0 Comments

Fox News Peter Doocy:  “Will you take questions on inflation? Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms?”
Pres. Biden: “What a stupid son of a bitch.”

The problem is not the moral implications of Biden’s use of profanity in public. The problem is not that potty mouth may be a symptom of dementia. The problem is that Biden, and presumably his advisors, think it is stupid to worry about inflation.

Hyperinflation impoverished the German middle class and paved the way for Hitler. Money is a store of value as well as a gauge of value. If I work hard, but I am paid with paper dollars of diminishing value, I lose the impetus to work, and I lose faith in the government and the economic system. Angry people who have no faith in the system are dangerously unstable. Who knows what tyrannical leader they will install to assuage their anger? A mini-Hitler? A mini-Stalin? Or a novel type of tyrant?

If you doubt the danger of inflation, consider this German postage stamp from the 1920s. The denomination is 50 million marks, and it is just an ordinary stamp, not air mail or special delivery. Destroying older people’s savings, and eating away at the worker’s salary, is a terrible sin and a dangerous error. Those who advocate doing that, and not their critics, are the stupid SOBs.

Ecclesiasticus 34:21 KJV: The bread of the needy is their life: he that defraudeth him thereof is a man of blood.

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