The Basic Problem: Control Freaks

By | January 26, 2022 | 0 Comments

We’ve seen them in personal life: The controlling parent whose child either cannot make a decision without consulting the parent, or who rebels and goes too far in the opposite direction. We’ve seen them in business: The boss who over-rides the wise decisions of subordinates and decreases profits, rather than giving them credit for improvements. In either case, the control freak seeks control at all costs, even if it alienates the child or damages the business.

We see the same thing in political life: Trump encouraged drilling, fracking, and  pipelines. As a result, the US achieved energy independence for the first time in decades. Trump pushed NATO to to do its fair share to strengthen the alliance. Trump proposed withdrawing from Afghanistan, but in an orderly manner. Trump proposed bringing back manufacturing jobs, pleasing the working class. Trump favored law enforcement and supported police. Trump gave the appearance of being unpredictable and quick to anger, making potential enemies hesitate.

And what did the incoming Biden administration do in all of these areas? Exactly  the opposite. Granted, this was partly the result of leftist ideology – but only partly. I believe it was largely the result of an overpowering urge to control. Whatever Trump did, do the opposite. If he left the lights on, turn them off. If he left the door closed, open it. That will show everybody who’s boss!

It is also showing everybody who’s a timid, weak, vacillating, indecisive incompetent. Putin and Xi are watching intently. We see storm clouds gathering over Ukraine and Taiwan, and who knows where else. Just as a controlling parent can alienate a child, and a controlling boss can harm a business, controlling officials can harm a nation and endanger world peace. And they are.

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