Does Anyone Really Believe This Stuff?

By | January 31, 2022 | 0 Comments

• The way to strengthen our armed forces is to fire unvaxxed SEALs and Marine officers who question our Afghanistan bugout, and design pregnancy flight suits.
• The way to improve healthcare is to promote the Assistant Secretary to full admiral, and appoint the one who sent Covid-positive elderly to nursing homes while taking out her own mother.
• The way to strengthen the medical profession is to threaten doctors’ licenses if they prescribe the “wrong” medicine or express the “wrong” opinions.
• The way to ensure women’s rights is to put biological males in women’s prisons and shelters, and on women’s sports teams.
• The way to improve teaching of math, science, and English is to close the schools for 2 years, and make sure teachers are woke.
• The way to sharpen young minds is to forbid the expression of “wrong” ideas in the university, even by guest speakers.
• The way to help children feel secure is to show their parents and teachers as terrified of Covid and submissive to arbitrary authority.

Does anyone, even the staunchest progressive, really believe any of that? Or do they merely parrot it and pretend to believe, so as not to alienate their progressive friends and relatives, or attract the attention of the authorities?

Of course, to the authorities it makes no difference. So long as the peasants meekly obey, who cares what they think? Who cares what sheep think, so long as they line up to be fleeced?

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