Create The Problem, Promise To Solve It…But Don’t

By | February 6, 2022 | 0 Comments

• Front page LATimes: Covid drugs expose equity issue.

Yes, if you mean the scarce, expensive, experimental new drugs emerging from big pharma. Of course the poor in the US and developing nations will have problems getting them.

But no, if you mean the decades-old, very safe, cheap drug used by millions for other diseases. Hint: name begins with “i” but don’t say it out loud – you’ll be banned from media and possibly fired from your job. And if you mention the many successful controlled trials for Covid, you’ll be in real trouble.

What do you call people who create a problem, then promise to solve it if we give them power, but rarely do solve it, and instead create new problems? I’d call them a number of unprintable names, but “progressives” will have to do.

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