1818 Peterloo, 2022 Truckerloo?

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In 1819 there was social unrest in Britain. People wanted the government to represent their interests, at the time a startling idea. Come to think of it, it’s still startling. A large crowd assembled in St. Peter’s Field, Manchester. The crowd grew unruly and refused to disperse. The local constable could do nothing, so the mayor wrote to the local army commanders.

A troop of cavalry arrived, and when the crowd again refused to disperse, they charged. At least 15 were killed and 600 injured. In reference to Waterloo, the massacre was named Peterloo. Public outrage hastened the introduction of reforms.

Is it possible that we will witness a replay dubbed Truckerloo? Is it possible that Prime Minister Jason Trudeau will do as he suggested and call out the army? And if so, what will happen? The crowd in 1819 were unhappy factory workers and farmers. The crowd in 2022 is made up of truckers. Their hands are calloused, unlike those of Trudeau. They have motor oil under their fingernails, unlike politicians. They know how to handle tools, unlike the elite. They drive large trucks, unlike corporate executives.

And they are angry at being unappreciated for bringing us what we need to survive endless lockdowns. Many sleep in their trucks in freezing temperatures. Some have families with children with them. When Trudeau cut off the supply of diesel, he condemned these people to sleep in bitter cold. Some people hang on to things like that.

But wait, you say. Trudeau would never order the army to assault Canadian civilians. Are you sure? There is nothing more dangerous than a weak man who hates his weakness and yearns to be seen as strong, and in addition wields power.

2022 Truckerloo? We pray it is only a bad dream. But if you scrape away the thin veneer of progressivism, you find fascism underneath.

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