Slash Tires? Empty Fuel Tanks? Best Be Careful

By | February 11, 2022 | 0 Comments

CNN analyst: We should slash tires of truckers’ demonstration, empty their fuel tanks, revoke their driver’s licenses, block them from other jobs. Michigan Gov Whitmer: Must take stern measures to stop interference with commerce. What about Antifa and BLM riots? Oh no, they were “mainly peaceful” demonstrations by leftists.

But suppose fools followed their dangerous advice. Who would deliver food, fuel, medicines, and other necessities of life? How would cities, where progressives tend to live, even survive?

You want to slash a big-rig tire? Good luck getting through steel belts, but if you do, watch out for the 120 PSI pressure. And if you survive that, say hello to the furious trucker with the baseball bat in his hands, or worse.

Those who propose using violence against the truckers must accept what follows – both the moral guilt and the physical response.

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