Trump Supporters “Violent Jihadists”?

By | May 18, 2022 | 0 Comments
NBC national security analyst compares Trump supporters to violent jihadists. Almost half of US, over 74 million, voted for Trump. This fool is insulting half the nation. Worse, he is inciting the violent minority. He is a dangerous ideologue.
Tell me repeatedly that I’m a racist, white supremacist, violent jihadist, and I’ll laugh in your face. But catch me in a bad mood, and I might say, “There! Is that violent enough for you?” Some predictions are designed to be self-fulfilling.
But where will the national security analyst be when the violence that he helped stoke breaks out? Will he be in the inner city or near government buildings? No, he will probably be in a campus seminar, or at home in a gated community, immune to the result of his inflammatory rhetoric. How convenient for the cowardly. Throw gasoline on the fire, then pose as a firefighter.
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