93-Year-Old Man Fights Off Home Invaders

By | July 1, 2022 | 0 Comments
93-yr-old LA-area man with shotgun shoots, wounds home invader, puts 2 others to flight. Had been burglarized repeatedly. Retired plumber had little but deserved to keep it, and did not deserve to be beaten or worse. There are between 600K and 2M defensive uses of guns annually, but you rarely see this in the media. So people come to the unrealistic belief that guns are not useful to defend life and property.
Note that home invasion is still uncommon in the US, where burglars prefer to strike when homeowners are away. It is common in nations where homeowners are disarmed, making them more likely to be hurt or killed. You can have empathy for this elderly citizen, or for his attackers, but not for both. Your choice.

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