Fentanyl Crisis? What Crisis?

By | July 14, 2022 | 0 Comments

7 people found unresponsive after taking drugs laced with fentanyl
• Child found dead after ingesting pills with fentanyl while alone in hotel room
• Mexican officials: Historic half ton of fentanyl seized by military

Chinese Communist regime produces fentanyl and chemicals from which it is made. Mexican cartels synthesize tons of fentanyl, smuggle it across border. Democrat administration allows border to be so open that tons of fentanyl come into America. As a result, drug overdoses are the leading cause of death in some demographics.

Do you think, just possibly, that there might be a connection? Do you imagine, just conceivably, that truckloads of cartel cash might influence some US officials to facilitate this process? Do you suppose, just hypothetically, that the Chinese regime might have influence over some in the White House, either by financial interest or by blackmail? Or are all these events unconnected and merely coincidental?

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