CDC Has No Hidden Agendas? Really?

By | July 16, 2022 | 0 Comments

“CDC directs kids to chats about sex changes, occult. Platform designed to be quickly hidden from parents.”
And you were saying that the CDC is a strictly scientific organization with no political or social agendas? You were saying that we should accept what it says about Covid and other vaccines as objective advice?

You were saying we should follow the science? Or rather, we should obey those who play scientists on TV. And why, exactly, should we do that? Wearing a white lab coat doesn’t make you a scientist any more than wearing sweats makes you an athlete. Both take training, a lot of work, and the proper mindset. And of these, mindset is the most important. Pushing an agenda and muzzling dissent are the very opposite of science.

CDC directs kids to chats about sex changes, occult

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