Attack On Zeldin Is Political Terrorism

By | July 23, 2022 | 0 Comments
Before the attempt on the life of GOP NY governor candidate Rep Lee Zeldin, Gov Kathy Hochul’s flier not only listed his itinerary, but called him a dangerous extremist. Intimidate Supreme Court justices, now facilitate an attempt on the life of a candidate for governor. How are free elections, or freedom itself, possible, in the presence of threats of violence, or violence itself?
At what point does political activism cross the line into terrorism? An exaggeration, you say? What would you call it? – “Do as we say, or we’ll harass you and your family in your home and in a restaurant, we’ll threaten your job, we’ll slander you with vile insults, and we’ll attack you with deadly weapons.” Violence to advance a political agenda is the very definition of terrorism.

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