Recession? What Recession?

By | July 26, 2022 | 0 Comments

White House says a second consecutive quarter of negative GDP ‘unlikely’ to be indicative of recession.
Yellen: We’re Not In A ‘Recession,’ We’re In A ‘Transition In Which Growth Is Slowing’.
The standard definition of recession is two consecutive quarters of declining GDP. But the White House and Treasury Secy Yellen disagree. So what other definitions need revision?
Jeffrey Dahmer wasn’t a murderous cannibal, he had an eating disorder.
Ted Bundy wasn’t a murderer of young women, he had relationship issues.
Stalin didn’t starve millions of Ukrainians to death, he was a diet advocate.
Hitler wasn’t a mass murdering racist, he did original work with minorities.
Amazing what you can conceal with perverted language.

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