High-Tech Machines, Low-Tech People, Part 2

By | July 31, 2022 | 0 Comments

• Turned down for BestBuy card despite top credit rating. Feared identity theft, wanted LifeLock. Couldn’t sign up online, wouldn’t send key to set password. Talked to actual person. Very nice, signed up, paid money, but after 30 min still couldn’t set password. Told to wait for email. After 4 days it never came. So we have LifeLock but can’t access account.
• Longtime Amazon Prime customer. Can’t log in. No customer service phone listed. Found it in old notes. Polite guy, no help, says tech will email. No email 2 days. Establish new Amazon account with another email. Able to buy stuff again. Feels like success but is just survival.

Collect money for LifeLock but don’t allow customer to access account? Force longtime Amazon customer to open new account? Close all Microsoft stores, force customers to seek random help? Give minimal assistance at Apple stores? Make customer support merely a link that goes nowhere?

You really can’t see things are already falling apart? It’s not just senile incompetents in charge in Washington; it’s over-educated fools in charge everywhere. Degrees from Harvard Business School or MIT Computer Science can’t give common sense. And employing high-school dropouts doesn’t help.

Soon we’ll be like Romans in the Dark Ages, looking at great structures we can no longer repair, much less build, while barbarians roam free. Sooner than you think.


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