High-Tech Machines Run By Low-Tech People?

By | July 31, 2022 | 0 Comments

– Bought new iPhone. Took 3 days hard work to get email. Apple blamed ATT, ATT blamed Apple.
– ATT mail refused to recognize password or security questions.
– Turned down for Best Buy card despite excellent credit rating.
– Amazon stopped working despite being Prime customer. Waiting for fix.

Digital devices grow more complex while young people become less educated: Can’t write coherent paragraph, can’t do simple math, have poor work habits, used to being pampered with “safe spaces,” never heard conflicting ideas, exaggerated notion of their own importance. And behind them come immigrants, many with 3rd-grade educations and limited language skills.

So who will maintain and repair these complex devices? Who will design new ones? And how will minimum-wage employees be able to buy them? But no worries – MBAs from prestigious business schools dreamed all this up. They learned how to maximize profits in the short term while wrecking the business in the long term.

File under S for Self-destructive. Cross-file C for China takes over.

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