“Could Trump Talk Himself into an Indictment?”

By | August 22, 2022 | 0 Comments

National Review, consistently anti-Trump since he first announced his candidacy, declares that whether or not he will be indicted depends on what he says now.

Can anyone with an IQ above that of a wilted cabbage really believe that anything Trump says now – including announcing the cure for cancer – could possibly influence in the slightest what his enemies intend to do? What an obvious example of blame the victim.

Trump’s enemies – in the Biden administration, in the Dept of Justice and the FBI, and in both Democrat and Republican parties – will do whatever they can get away with. And so far, that means anything at all. Phony dossier prepared with Russian help, baseless stories of Moscow prostitutes, Ukraine phone call, Jan. 6, whatever. Throw mud against the wall and see if anything sticks. And I don’t mean mud.

Captive media dutifully report establishment talking points. Sheep-like citizens accept what they are told. Correction: Sheep can’t be citizens, they can only be subjects. And the more sheep-like we act, the more our rulers will turn us into subjects. But as Trump said, they’re coming after us – he’s just in the way. At least so far.

Could Trump Talk Himself into an Indictment?

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