Kanye West Has Something To Say

By | October 8, 2022 | 0 Comments

Kanye (Ye) West sits down with Tucker Carlson, defends his conservative views for an hour with clarity and insight. Leftist media speculate endlessly on his mental health, ignore totally what he says. But conservatives focus on what he says. This is revelatory.

Leftists use character assassination to discredit those who disagree. Like Stalin, they accuse dissidents of being mentally ill rather than dealing with their arguments. Conservatives, on the other hand, try to discover whether what someone says is true, and leave his health – mental or physical – to him and his doctor. I ask you, which approach is more likely to lead to civil strife, and which to finding actual solutions to our problems?

If West is mentally ill, we can hope that his illness is contagious, and that many leftists will contract it.

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