Racism On Los Angeles City Council

By | October 13, 2022 | 0 Comments

Report: In private meeting, Nuri Martinez, president of LA City Council refers to two-year-old adopted Black son of another Council member as a “negrito” (little Black) and “changuito” (little monkey). She does so in the presence of two other Council members and president of LA Federation of Labor, all of whom are also Latino, and none of whom object. So far Martinez and labor leader have resigned.

According to wokeism and Black Lives Matter, only Whites can be racists. This myth absolves other racial and ethnic groups from charges of racism. How convenient. But how immoral.

White Americans clearly are not the only ones who have to live down a heritage of racism. As a glaring example, here is the racial classification system that Spain imposed on Mexico, This system still affects us today. Look at the presidents of Mexico. Almost all except Benito Juarez look like pure Europeans, as do many of the upper class. Racism is an inheritance that can pass down the generations. It can even infect the LA City Council.

1. Peninsulares, born in Spain
2. Criollos, pure Spanish born in Mexico
3. Mestizos, mixed Spanish and Indian, the majority
4. Mulattos, mixed White and Black
5. Indios, Indians
6. Negros, Blacks

It is painfully obvious that to the president of the LA City Council, the two-year-old son of a fellow Council member belonged to Class 6, the lowest class. Racism exists in all racial and ethnic groups. Once we recognize this sad fact, we can do something about it.

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