Schumer, Pelosi: More Self-Contradictions

By | October 14, 2022 | 0 Comments

1) Schumer says he and Pelosi knew about Jan. 6 “insurrrection” 10 days in advance.
2) Schumer and Pelosi did nothing to prepare, turned down Trump’s offer of troops, rejected Capitol Police’s call for assistance.
1) Trump was in on advance planning of “insurrection,” conspired with Proud Boys.
2) Trump incited “insurrection” with his Jan. 6 “peaceful and patriotic” speech.

Glaring self-contradictions. The 1s could be true, or the 2s could be true, but they both can’t be true. They are mutually exclusive. Either Schumer and Pelosi were taken by surprise on Jan. 6 and didn’t have time to react, or they knew in advance. Either Trump helped plan the “insurrection” days in advance, or he incited it on the spot with his Jan. 6 speech.

We humans are fallible. We can never be sure of being right. But we can be 100% sure of being wrong: contradict ourselves. That way we can be sure of being wrong half the time. And if we really work at it, we can be wrong all the time. If you doubt this, watch Schumer and Pelosi.

Thanks to Dan Bongino for the idea.

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