Government By Control Freaks

By | October 15, 2022 | 0 Comments

Ever see a parent who over-controls until children are alienated? A spouse who over-controls until the marriage goes on the rocks? A boss who over-controls until his business goes belly up? It’s the same in politics. There are people whose urge for control exceeds all other considerations.

Control the police until crime goes through the roof. Control oil drilling until workers can’t afford to fuel their vehicles. Control schools until kids can barely read or do simple math. Control children until drag queen story hour and trans lessons enrage their parents. Control healthcare until no one trusts doctors or scientists. Control the military until few want to enlist in such woke organizations.

Control and freedom are opposites. We must decide which we value more. The object is not to control in order to reach specific goals. The object is just to control. The result is alienated children, broken marriages, bankrupt businesses, failed nations, and wrecked civilizations. Control freaks belong in therapy, not in control.

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