Snap Quiz: Test Your Moral Sense

By | October 21, 2022 | 0 Comments

Left: Old Sparky, Florida electric chair used to execute scores of first-degree murderers. These included Ted Bundy, killer of multiple young women and two-time escapee from jail. Subsequently replaced by lethal injection, which is rarely used. It was not used for the Parkland killer of 17, who will spend his life in prison.

Right: 3D image of 22-week fetus, which current laws in most states declare is not a “person” deserving of legal protection. Hence he or she can be destroyed at will. Many people find this praiseworthy rather than troubling.

Question: Which image do you find more disturbing? The electric chair formerly used to execute premeditated murderers? Or the innocent unborn baby who can be killed on demand? Granted, many people would find both images disturbing. Still, which one is more disturbing? I believe how we answer this question reveals a great deal about our moral sense.  I also believe that sooner or later, all of us will stand before a Judge who will be most interested in our answer.

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