Relax, The Keystone Kops Are Here

By | November 2, 2022 | 0 Comments

Report: There were security cameras in the Pelosi home, but the Capitol Police were not watching them. They alerted only when they saw that the SFPD had arrived. This may go a long way toward explaining Jan. 6. The feds are good at arresting people after the fact – sometimes even the right people – but not much good at keeping people safe, not even prominent people. So how good would they be at keeping you safe?

Recall the Atlanta Olympics bomber. They harassed poor Richard Jewell for years, but only then got the real bomber. Recall the first World Trade Center attack. What was done to prevent 9/11? Recall the attack on GOP lawmakers’ baseball game. What was done to prevent Jan. 6? So when nobody was watching the Pelosi security cameras, why are we surprised?

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