Election “Printer Issue”? Now What?

By | November 10, 2022 | 0 Comments

“Maricopa County Releases More Information on ‘Printer Issue,’ Says It ‘Impacted’ 17,000 Ballots.” Print ballots on site as needed? Keep none on hand? Spare printers that work with those laptops? Extra toner? That is, mail ballots to thousands of unknown people, but interfere with ballots for actual voters on site. What could possibly go wrong?

Election month instead of day. No voter ID. Ballots mailed to unknown people, put into unsecured drop boxes. GOP poll watchers sometimes not allowed. Now depend on printers on site to print ballots? Who thought up this trainwreck?

At some point we must ask: Is this election chaos due to incompetence, or is it deliberate and designed to mask cheating?

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