No More Chief Lightfoot At Stanford

By | November 28, 2022 | 0 Comments

For decades the Stanford team was the Indians and their mascot was Chief Lightfoot, who rode a horse bareback in Indian garb at halftime. For all those years, Stanford never insulted their opponents’ religion. Now they are the Cardinal, their mascot is a tree, and they insult Latter-Day Saints religion freely. This is progress?

We don’t cheer for the USC Shoplifters, the Notre Dame Reckless Drivers, the Purdue Drug Lords, or the Yale Nazis. We don’t name ourselves after people we look down upon. We don’t choose people or things we despise as mascots. When we name a team the Braves, we don’t insult Native Americans, we honor courage, specifically their courage.

Do you think, just possibly, that if Stanford officials were not preoccupied with imagined slights and insufficient wokeness, they would have time to stop actual bigotry?

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