LA Fentanyl Deaths Up 12-Fold

By | December 1, 2022 | 0 Comments

Los Angeles fentanyl overdose deaths are up 12-fold. The announcement was made by DA George Gascon, who believes his job is to let criminals loose on the streets, and Health Director Dr Barbara Ferrer, who is not an MD but a PhD in social welfare. So no worries – this serious problem is in the hands of those least equipped to solve it.

And so it goes in a state where every statewide office has been in Democrat hands for decades. One-party rule at best is incompetent, as in California, and at worst is tyrannical, as in China. But sheep-like voters seem content to continue voting for the very people who caused their problems in the first place. They resolutely oppose voting for sheepdogs who can do something about the problems. After all, “Barking is not the answer.”

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